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Pracownia na rzecz Wszystkich Istot

Protection of large carnivores

Conservation status

The gray wolf has been protected in Poland since 1998 when the amended Act on Species Protection came into force.

Its conservation status is regulated by the regulation of the Minister of Environment of 2011. Pursuant to this regulation it is prohibited to kill, injure or capture wolves and hold them in captivity, disturb wolf pups, destroy dens and shelters as well as store and sell hides or other body parts of dead individuals without a special permission. Moreover, in case of wolves living in the wild, it is required to determine their refuges, breeding sites and places where they regularly occur. The regulation also requires that 0,5 km buffer zones were created around wolf breeding sites. The species is listed in Annex II of the Habitat Directive which imposes certain requirements on Member States (including Poland) ex. to protect areas where the species occur. Wolf is listed in the Polish Red Book of Threatened Species under the NT category (near threatened, lower risk).