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Pracownia na rzecz Wszystkich Istot

Protection of large carnivores

Project partners

Workshop for All Beings is a public benefit organization which, for the past 25 years, has been working for the protection of wolf, lynx and bear as well as their habitats and migration corridors. It were, among others, actions of the Workshop which led to introduction of strict protection of lynx in 1995, and wolf in 1998. In order to ensure protection of large carnivores, the organization minimizes impact of transport investments on the population of these animals by protecting their migration routs (wildlife corridors), monitoring the recordings, implementations of plans and strategies dedicated to the protection of large carnivores as well as ungulates, which constitute as aforementioned prey base. Moreover, the Workshop is involved in projects which concern protection plans of Natura 2000 sites, essential for the preservation of those species. The Workshop also cooperates with research units specializing in protection of large carnivores, collaborates with centers and environmental organizations from the neighboring countries

Mission of Friends of the Earth Czech Republic – Olomouc branch is to protect the environment in Central and North Moravia region and to involve the public in important environmental issues. Main areas of their activities are: nature conservation, especially large carnivores and forests, participation in decision making processes (wildlife corridors and forest nature reserves), free consultancy in environmental issues, education of youth people and public (discussion forums, media work). The organization takes part in several research projects concerning large carnivores and involves volunteers in large carnivore monitoring.

Fatranský spolok is a non-profit organization that focuses on studying the life of large carnivores, especially of brown bears in Malá Fatra. The organization cooperates with the Administration of National Park Malá Fatra, Carpathian Wildlife Society and National Forest Centre on large carnivores research and monitoring. Another spectrum of activities deals with the promotion of the region, organizing educational workshops, lectures, design and production of promotional materials.

We look forward to cooperating with you for the reinforcement of environmental laws to protect the carnivores in Europe.