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Pracownia na rzecz Wszystkich Istot

Protection of large carnivores

Spatial organization

It is thought that brown bears are not territorial.

Their home ranges greatly overlap, especially in cases of genetically related females (Støen et al. 2005). As in the case of most predators, bear population density is usually low. In Poland the average bear population density does not exceed 1 ind./100 km2 (Frackowiak and Perzanowski 2002). Home ranges of males are usually much larger than those of females, yet they clearly decrease with an increase in population density. A telemetry monitoring of a 300 kg male from the Bieszczady Mountains showed that its home range was 1500 km2. A home range of a female monitored in the Tatra Mountains was 500 km2. The bears that live in Poland belong to a much larger Carpathian population which stretches over the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania and Serbia. The Polish bear population is transboundary.